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PAC Artists Alley [26 Aug 2008|11:35am]

FYI: The restrictions on Artists' Alley have been loosened up a bit. If you were not able to get a table previously due to the requirements, please take another look at the updated list of permitted materials:

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PAC AA signups [22 Aug 2008|12:05pm]

I mentioned PAC a while back (Providence Anime Conference), but just a heads up for those not following the page - sign ups start tomorrow (saturday august 23rd) at 1pm eastern
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As some folks already know, I've expanded outside of the AB Artists' Alley for the chance to do an Artists' Alley thats a little bit different - for PAC: Providence Anime Conference, a 'convention' if you will, that's also a little bit different.

You can pretty much find the information all on these two pages -
Providence Anime Conference Artists' Alley Information
PAC's version of the AATC Activity

The only things that are currently unknown at this time is the table cost, size and quantity (we're awaiting a to scale map of our location to make these finalized).

You can read whats different about our Alley right at the top of the page. but this con is also a little different. for those of you who HAVE NOT heard of PAC before, its being held in Rhode Island at a VERY nice convention center - well worth the cost of the ticket i'd say - which is a 21 plus convention. i mean conference. its not a con all about booze and porn JUST because its over 21. the point is that it strives to cater more to the older fans - those who may no longer feel COMFORTABLE going to conventions where kids are glomping total strangers etc etc.

They - the staff - are also striving for some truly different types of panels and programming that you wouldn't see at other types of cons as an attraction to this one. while we're still in the process of ACCEPTING Panel applications, i'm afraid i can't give you any ideas on stuff...but feel free to take a look!
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is this thing on? new show coming up.... [28 Nov 2007|12:18am]

Thought i'd use this community for what its meant - passing on info!

Theres a new Convention, specialized, coming up called

PAC - Providence Anime Conference
Where the Rhode Island COnvention center (Providence, RI)
When October 3-5th, 2008

It's specialized because these guys are trying out something new. its an over 21 Convention

They are trying to make it more mature, a haven for older fans, show some classics rather then (or in addition too) the new flavor of the week, with more mature programming as well (this does NOT mean the con is going to be all hentai. it may mean something like a "Sake Tasting Panel" which would offer different sake's for tasting and talk about the history behind it, etc etc)

One of the major changes this con is doing that other cons is not is the change in the Artists' Alley.

PAC AA Main Rule: Paper Art Only.
They're trying to bring the AA back to what it used to be all about. bring it back to pictures, and portfolios and comic books, etc etc....

anyway, thought you folks would like a heads up.
be sure to look for more updates at the actual site:

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Cutting Losses, looking forward to 2007 [11 Oct 2006|11:41am]

[ mood | working ]

If you read my personal journal you know that I had to cancel my last convention of the year, Nekocon, due to finacial troubles. But regardless of this isolated personal crisis I have noticed a change in the market of conventions. I'm sure that we all have.

I keep track of my convention spending and sales very closely and I have cut my spending on conventions by 50%, I've been doing panels in order to receive a free badges, staying at friends houses, taking Greyhound and other penny pinching tactics and the end result is worse because sales have gone down. I guess i can blame myself for trying to promote my own art and cutting my selection of fan art, but I feel confident that my own products and themes are beginging to catch on. I just feel I need a different market. So I have started to look into more local aritsts markets and neighborhood festivals for selling my novelties as well as art and comics. On average the tables at these festivals are $125; the cheapest plane tickets cost more. So I think it might be a better investment. This is not to say I won't be at conventions next year, but my selection process is changing drastically.

I will be going to a minimum of six anime, furry, or comic conventions in 2007 with a maximum of four outside of Atlanta. Also any convention that conflicts with a local convention will be nixed; which means I will be favoring Furry Weekend Atlanta over Katsucon, and Dragon*con over Memphis FurMeet. Out of town conventions will be chosen mostly on the demographic of attendence rather than feelings of loyalty. I feel this has cost me too much money and I need to make wiser decisions for my studio if I want to accomplish something viable.

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Happy birthday, CamlCau! ^^ [13 Sep 2006|10:43pm]

... at least birth of the LJ community, that is. ^^;;;

i'll be at AWA! ^^
Kinda late in posting, but letting you guys know just in case y'all are still updating the "who'll be there" list! ^^

My sister will have a table space... i may invade a bit of that space, or i may be wandering around in costume... ^^;;;

But see y'all there! ^^
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Promotion Help [17 Aug 2006|12:57pm]

Hey Everyone,

Over the years I've been working harder and harder to get better and better at art. While this effort is paying off I do find myself coming up against a slight problem. I have very few who are looking at my work and no one that wants me to do art for them. Can anyone please tell me what I can do to rectify this situation? I'm sending a link to to my site. Will people please look at this and help me get more notiriety in my work and my site. I've even passed out over a hundred buisness cards and still no luck. What can I do?


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Community Tip off!! [14 Aug 2006|08:58pm]

[ mood | busy ]

I have just spent the last hour trying to find free fonts for my comic. I have found a lot of cool free fonts on http://www.blambot.com/ They have a lot of even better ones that you have to pay fo but I'm sure i can find them for free/cheaper elsewhere. Hopefully this is news to someone other than me ^_^

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CAU Weekly Letter [13 Aug 2006|10:49pm]

[ mood | working ]

Dear Crew,

I am pleased that everyone is debating and discussing convention artists’ issues, and I want us to continue this progress but first I will answer Dawsey and everyone else that is wondering what hair-brained scheme I have envisioned for the group and what I would like everyone to expect out of each other and themselves.

It is important that we continue the traditions that we have always had. It is imperative that we always help our fellow artists with ride/room/table sharing. We all know the only reason we can even attend a convention half the time is with our comrades helping to share the cost. But what I have noticed in the past and continuing to this day is that we are often last minute with this practice. It does no good if people are asking people if they have a room a week or two before a convention. It costs everyone more money if 6 people each reserve rooms at the same convention because they don’t know the other people were coming I’d rather see people making plans more far in advance so that we have 3 people reserving a room and sharing if they are trying to keep costs down. How many times have we been looking for a room at a con and have to settle for a crowded room, only to find out that someone else had an empty room and didn’t know other people were coming? This is just not economical. The original purpose was to help each other with communication. I’m just saying there needs to be more communication EARLIER. We all know which cons we most often see each other so why aren’t we making plans with each other earlier if we know we are going to these conventions? I do not want us to forget our traditions, I just wish for them to expand and grow like we have as indaviduals.

Also, sitting as a group, planning as a group, representing as a group will not make us an intimidating clique. We will just be a solidified group and I think that says more for recruiting new members and talent than just an E-Mail group. I doubt we will be anymore intimidating than we already are. After all most of us are veterans now with impressive table displays and portfolios. I think that it will make us something people will want to join; it makes our group and our plight more visible. Maybe that is the word I should have used. I wish for our group to be more visible and well known. Maybe politics was too strong a word, but like with politics, influence is the main goal.

Endorsed conventions. Another thing I believe I have miswrote. I mainly wanted a consensus on conventions that were more commonly attended and that we are most likely to see each other. Those would be the conventions that room sharing should be a higher priority and widely discussed to avoid people getting stuck with having to pay for an empty room with no roommates. This does not necessarily mean that we have to like that convention. It’s just ones we always go to for whatever reason; may it be great staff or great money. Let’s face it some cons we go to are a headache and we know it, but we go anyway because we need the money and exposure. So based on conventions I know we mostly congregate at I’d say that trip planning for Katsucon , Anime Weekend Atlanta, Anime Central, Project A-Con, and Nekocon should at least be standard. Regardless of how we feel about these conventions we can all agree that a good majority of us attend at least one of these conventions. I would like everyone to try to keep a finger on the pulse of those conventions. If these aren’t enough I would like to know what other convention needs the attention of the group. I am also currently checking out some of the other community features of Yahoo! Groups. Soon I will be able to list conventions and people can simply add their names if they know they are attending.

More art sharing. I have also heard a loud concern that there is not enough critiquing and artist support. This is probably the most important thing that needs to be revived and renewed. I know personally I’ve learned most of what I know about drawing from hanging out with the rest of you and getting advice and sharing tricks. So as a starting point I say we all do an exercise right now. EVERYONE PAY ATTENTION TO THIS PART THIS IS GOING TO BE A CLASS ESERCISE. I want everyone who is reading this letter to go to LJ right now and post a picture and description of what ever project you are working on RIGHT NOW on the caml_cau community http://community.livejournal.com/caml_cau/profile, even if it’s just project planning and sketches. If you don’t have an LJ account now would be an excellent time to start one. With everyone’s post I want you to talk about what you are trying to achieve with your current project. Everyone try to make helpful comments. Maybe next I can have everyone post panel ideas. Maybe if people have the same ideas they can try pitching them to conventions. The potential is endless as long as there is participation. Whew! Done for this week’s letter, everyone discuss!

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Weekly Letter [31 Jul 2006|03:13pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Dear Crew,

I am so pleased that a lot of people are getting the gears in their heads turning. I have confidence that we will all find a new direction that will help us all. We may not go back to the glory days but that's okay, we can create whole new glorious days which will be better than ever! I will continue to post proposals and convention updates as long as I can keep everone's interest.

This weeks thoughts:
There is power in numbers; we should use that fact to help our political power in the industry. Most of us are experienced veterans and many of us are starting to get a little exposure and getting published. We can expand our power and exposure by working together as a unit. I’ve seen our crew do some nice stuff before. A good example is Nekocon. In the past we were just griping about it, but when we started complaining in numbers things started changing and now Dizzy is in charge at that Artists’ Alley. Here is a proposal that can help everyone out at conventions.
First off, I think we should all decide through general consensus, create a list of “Caml_Cau Endorsed” conventions. These would be conventions that have a high percentage of members represented on an annual basis. These will be the conventions that should be discussed most often. Members would know automatically which conventions they should be keeping an ear open for deadlines, insider info and travel options. So everyone please reply with a list of the conventions you frequent on an annual basis, I will base a top 10 list from that info.
Upon establishing a list I encourage people to join the forums of those conventions if you haven’t already. I’ve realized that important info rarely appears on the main page these days and is usually circulated on the forums. The more people that make an effort to keep up with conventions the more likely those important deadlines won’t slip by.
Competition for tables and patrons is getting exponentially harder every year. So it is important that we revitalize our network to ensure our presence in the growing freelance artists’ scene at conventions. Take care of yourselves everyone!

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Proposal 1 [25 Jul 2006|10:47pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Dear Crew,

As usual, I am worried that our network is weakening due to inactivity and apathy. As we all know, the official ConArtists website, http://www.con-artists.org, has been down for a long time. I personally miss this website that was specifically aimed towards out original group. Although many of us interact and share art on LiveJournal, DeviantArt and other community based sites, there is really no general posting area for our original group. I am afraid that we are becoming scattered. Of course it is no surprise; we have all been working on our own projects, moving to and fro, getting married, etc. I feel that we greatly benefited from that period of “cross-pollination” of art, and we still can with a little effort.
I would like to get some feedback on how we should approach this problem, or if it is even a problem at all. I propose we should either:
~ Pester Dave “Ruronin”, to re-launch con-artists.org and perhaps add some new forum security features. (Like that problem with accidentally posting into the wrong gallery)
~Someone can volunteer to create and host a new art sharing/networking gallery site.
~Establish a club/community on an existing gallery site such as DeviantArt or SheezyArt.
~Post art on the existing LiveJournal community for Caml_Cau http://community.livejournal.com/caml_cau/

I’m going to let this circulate for a while so send your feedback. I have more proposals for the community so stay tuned!

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[10 May 2006|07:12pm]

The Unlimited Edition of my art CD will debut at Anthrocon 2006!
The Limited Edition CD cover can be seen here.

The unlimited edition will feature new cover art, but I need help deciding on which image to use as a base x_x Please take a look at these 6 ideas and vote on your favorite to help decide which I should use :D

( Not safe for work (bewbies) Image heavy )
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Artist Tables [04 Feb 2006|12:15am]

Anyone interested in going to Anime Boston (www.animeboston.com)

Just to let everyone know, Tables are scheduled to go up for sale on March 4th at 7pm. Some of you may have seen this on the main page schedule.

YES, before the tables go up for sale, the information will be up on the website. It shouldn't be too much longer. They're just waiting for one last thing before they put it all up. But everything else is ready, so start spreading the news!
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Momocon AA Reservations now open! [14 Jan 2006|07:15pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Info is at the forums

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News [05 Dec 2005|06:11pm]

[ mood | optimistic ]

Katsucon Table Reg is open.

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Survey [21 Nov 2005|06:10pm]

[ mood | touched ]

This is being posted on behalf of Danny Valentini of draconiaonline

First post all of the conventions that you attended this year: Katsucon, CNUCon, Animazement, Anime Mid-Atlantic, Otakon, Memphit Furmeet, Anime Weekend Atlanta, Nekocon, Anime USA (one day)
1. Most accommodating staff: AWA
2. Least accommodating staff: Katsucon
3. Best run Artists’ Alley and/or Dealer Room: AWA/MFM
4. Worst run Artists’ Alley and/or Dealer Room: Otakon (the sign-up was a joke!)
5. Best Handler of Tax issues: N/A
6. Worst handler of Tax issues: N/A
7. Best con suite: N/A (Doesn't go to con suites)
8. Best local eateries: Otakon
9. Most memorable con: MFM (Wedding)
10. Best con art (as in non-anime/promo): Katsucon
11. Worst con art (ditto): MFM
12. Convention you participated most in this year (staff, panels, con art): Nekocon
13. Best new convention (new for you or a first year con): N/A
14. Best old con keepin’ it real: Katsucon
15. Best Commute: Nekocon
16. Best con hotel: AWA
17. Worst con hotel: Katsucon (drafty)
18. Best customers: AWA
19. Worst customers: Otakon
20. Best con overall for whatever reason: MFM

The next section it is optional to provide actual numbers.
Expenses include Registration, Hotel, Table, and Transportation costs. Merchandise isn’t included since most Merchandise investments are sold over multiple conventions.
21. Con with highest expenses: MFM
22. Con with lowest expenses: Neko
23. Most profitable : Neko
24. Least profitable: Otakon
25. Highest Gross: MFM
26. Lowest Gross: Otakon

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End of the year convention survey [21 Nov 2005|06:08pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Alas it was another good season of cons, but now that the last weekend before the holidays is upon us the con season is officially over until the first weekend after the New Year (because lets face it, we just don’t go to any conventions during this time.) So what do we do now? Rate the hell out of the conventions we attended. I would like everyone to fill out this nifty survey and post it on the Caml_Cau LJ or on the mailing list as this is being posted on both.

Please only rate cons you have attended this year, I only want to hear about cons that were personally experienced, not “I heard they had a bad year”
The fallowing are my answers.

First post all of the conventions that you attended this year: Furry Weekend Atlanta, Katsucon, Momocon, Anime Boston, Rocket City FurMeet, Memphit FurMeet, Anime Weekend Atlanta, and Nekocon.

1. Most accommodating staff: RCFM
2. Least accommodating staff: FWA/Katsucon
3. Best run Artists’ Alley and/or Dealer Room: AWA/MFM
4. Worst run Artists’ Alley and/or Dealer Room: Katsu (I think it was a bad year)
5. Best Handler of Tax issues: MFM
6. Worst handler of Tax issues: Nekocon (I’m sure by next year it won’t be a problem or at least be more clear)
7. Best con suite: RCFM (three squares a day and more)
8. Best local eateries: MFM (one word: Marlowe’s)
9. Most memorable con: MFM (sniff, such a beautiful wedding!)
10. Best con art (as in non-anime/promo): Nekocon
11. Worst con art (ditto): Anime Boston (they can get a better artist, they have the money and the interest)
12. Convention you participated most in this year (staff, panels, con art): Momocon
13. Best new convention (new for you or a first year con): Momocon
14. Best old con keepin’ it real: AWA
15. Best Commute: Momocon
16. Best con hotel: Nekocon (happy hour bizaches!)
17. Worst con hotel: RCFM (dull and butt ugly)
18. Best customers: Nekocon
19. Worst customers: RCFM
20. Best con overall for whatever reason: Katsucon, it’s not the con, it’s the homecoming.

The next section it is optional to provide actual numbers.
Expenses include Registration, Hotel, Table, and Transportation costs. Merchandise isn’t included since most Merchandise investments are sold over multiple conventions.
21. Con with highest expenses: Anime Boston (400)
22. Con with lowest expenses: AWA (35)
23. Most profitable : AWA (400net)
24. Least profitable: RCFM (-25net)
25. Highest Gross: Anime Boston (700)
26. Lowest Gross: RCFM (70)

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Do you have FLES? [05 Nov 2005|09:17am]

[ mood | concerned ]

I have started noticing a condition becomming more common to artists. I thought it was just me but I've noticed other colleagues comming down with what I have named FLES or Frequent Lead Exposure Syndrome. A couple of years back I developed a rash on my pinky finger, in the very center of the finger. It started as an itchy rash but it got bigger, itchyer, and eventually it started peeling, then pussing. It never truely healed for weeks and months. It never clicked that it might be something that I did (but then again most ailments are). Luckly I still had health inssuance at the time. My doctor asked about my habits and I mentioned that I draw. She asked if I dragged my hand on the paper as I drew. I said I did, not even really thinking about my posture. She said that the constant rubbing of lead or sometimes graphite can cause irritation with constant exposure. When I think back I rember when I was a teen some days my pinky would be grey with lead from dragging my hand.

So why do I mention this two years later? Well I thought it was a unique incident untill I saw a pretty severe case on Danny. I never thought it might happen to others (I also have sensitive skin so I thought I was just especially receptive), especially since Danny usually has no epidermal problems whatsoever. I discribed my old symptoms and habits and his were the same, the result was the same. Certainly this is not a life threatening condition, but it is annoying , unsightly, and itchy.

Causes of FLES:
>hand posture while drawing in which your pinky rests on the page.
>frequent smudging of lead or graphite

Signs of FLES:
>usually a rash on the pinky or even as far as the ring finger. Commonly in the center knuckle.

Ways to treat FLES:
>Change posture and limit affected area from being exposed to lead. putting a clean piece of paper under the hand helps.
>DO NOT use a band-aid. Rash should stay dry and clean.
>Peroxcide should be applided daily. Do not use Neosporin or similar ointments, they keep the rash from breathing and drying out.

If you have had these symptoms please let me know of your experience so I can compile more data.

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2006 Tour update [03 Nov 2005|08:47pm]

[ mood | curious ]


Jan: Ohayocon
Feb: Katsucon
Mar: Momocon (staff)
Apr: Middle of Tennesse Anime Convention (MTAC) Unless I find people that I've known for a while that are going.
May: Anime Central
May: Anime Boston
Jun: Project A-Kon I'm just not going to push it.
Jun: Anime Mid-Atlantic
Jul: Conneticon
Jul: Doujicon (one day local con)
Aug: Otakon What was I thinking!?!?!?
Sep: Memphit Furmeet
Sep: Anime Weekend Atlanta
Oct: ANime Reactor (I swear!)
Nov: Nekocon
Nov: Mid-West FurFest

This is still a draft. If you have an idea of your schedule post so that we can all get room and ride shares organized earlier than a week before a con.

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Stuff [29 Oct 2005|01:18am]

[ mood | complacent ]

Yes, I am the head of the Momocon Artists alley now. No I am not taking reservations yet, I have to confirm how many tables I'm getting first.

Also Katsucon 12 is requiring Pre-reg in order to reserve an AA table. Take note.

MFM Dealer Den post con deadline is Sunday, I will not make it >_<

For those attending Anime Mid-Atlantic You can get an AA table for $10 if it's postmarked by 12/31, it's $20 after that.

If anyone else has any important deadline info for the next season please post!

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